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Lady Cupid

Rhythm Heaven Fever

Game Number

3 (Japanese version); 4 (Other versions)

Lady Cupid (シューティング: Shooting) is an endless game in Rhythm Heaven Fever, unlocked after receiving 23 medals in the Japanese version and 32 medals in the non-Japanese versions. The player takes the role of Lady Cupid, who flies across the screen back and forth with a bow and arrow in hand.


It's the player's job to shoot through the blocks in her way until the bomb is hit. Because of having limited arrows in each level, the challenge is to conserve as many possible.


  • A: Shoot

Timing Notes

  • Hit: The arrow is shot and hits the block while there is a bomb. If you hit a bomb, it will make all the blocks vanished.
  • Barely: N/A
  • Miss: The player does nothing. If you fire the arrow when there are no blocks, you lose one arrow. Once you lose all the arrows, it's game over.


  • This is the first ever 8-bit game to appear in the Rhythm Heaven series. The next 8-bit styled game would be Super Samurai Slice along with the sequel and Feed Goat.
  • Rhythm Heaven itself makes an appearance in the background.
  • This game shares the same Japanese and Korean names as Shoot-'Em-Up. Like Munchy Monk, their gameplay styles are completely different.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
JP Japanese シューティング Shooting
US English (US)
UK English (UK)
FR French Tir à l'arc
ES Spanish Flechas angelicales
D German Schützenkönigin
IT Italian Sparatutto
KR Korean 슈팅 Shooting

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