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Clap Trap
てってってパンパン Tetete Panpan
Neko Clap Title
BPM 105
Appearance Rhythm Heaven Megamix
Game Number 74
Perfect Reward 1 Flow Ball

Kitties! (てってってパンパン Tettette Panpan) is the 74th minigame that has been introduced in Rhythm Heaven Megamix. In this game, the player controls a cat, who exists in a trio of cats, whose main job is to clap, spin, and go after a familiar-looking fish.


Neko clapThe player's main job is to clap in to the rhythm allocated by the first two cats by clapping with them, or if necessary, when two mice appear in the background instead of two cats during the gameplay. If they are about to spin, they mist spin along with the other two and release at the right time. If they notice a fish from above, you need to quickly catch it before the other two do. Each one of the cues have different timings.


Button Mode

  • A: Clap or aim for fish
  • Hold B: Spin
  • Release B: Pose

Simple Tap Mode

  • Tap: Clap or aim for fish
  • Hold: Spin
  • Release: Pose

Timing Notes

  • Hit: The cat will clap, spin, or catch the fish swiftly.
  • Barely: The cat will clap, but he will have his tongue out with crossed eyes. It may counts as a hit or a miss.
  • Miss: Fish: The other cats grab it. Spin: The cat spins on the ground, dizzy, like a failed combo in Karate Man Combos!. Clap: The cat is on the ground making a barely face.(Stand).

Rating Notes


  • "Backup Mice Squeak Up"

Try Again

  • "Don't miss out on fishy prospects!"
  • "Listen closely to land those claps, kitty."
  • "Don't neglect them spins!"


  • "Eh. Passable."


  • "Killer claps, cool cat!"
  • "Such snazzy spins!"
  • "Your enthusiasm paid off!"


Rhythm Item

Tasty Fish Fish Are for Clappers
Tasty Fish
Item holder
You clap well, you get a fish. You clap poorly, you don't. If you're slow when we hand out the fish, you don't get any. We don't just pet every kitty that comes through here.

Skill Star

Grab the second fish at the perfect time in order to get the skill star.

Challenge Train

  • Rhythm Safari



  • The fish the cats catch resembles the Quicknibble from Catch of the Day.
  • Before Megamix was released, the game was usually referred to Cat Clap or Neko Clap.
  • Parodies of Kitties! have appeared all over the Internet, particularly YouTube, showcasing cats as different characters from other animes or cartoons clapping, spinning and aiming for the fish.
  • It's possible that this game is based off The Clappy Trio;
    • Both have similar rhythms (The Clappy Trio clapping and the cats popping up).
    • Both feature feline characters clapping. (Lions for The Clappy Trio, and cats for Kitties!)
  • This game has the shortest English description in the entire series.


Rhythm Heaven Megamix - Kitties! (Perfect) (English)

Rhythm Heaven Megamix - Kitties! (Perfect) (English)

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
JP JapaneseてってってパンパンTetete Panpan
FR FrenchClac chats clac!
DU GermanKatzen Klatschen!
ES SpanishMininos danzarines
IT ItalianGattini!
KR Korean톡톡톡 짝짝Tap-Tap-Tap Clap-Clap

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