"Karate Joe's intense training
regimen continues. Can you
help him reach the height
of mastery? (No practice.)
— Karate Man 2 Description (Rhythm Heaven Fever)

"Karate Joe knows how to
train really hard. See if
you can keep up with his
routine. Hiyah!

(And no practice for you)
— Karate Man 2 Description (Beat the Beat Rhythm Paradise)

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Remix 10 (Wii)
Karate Man 2
カラテ家2 Karateka 2
Karate Man 2 Wii
BPM 155
Appearance Rhythm Heaven Fever
Game Number 49
Perfect Reward A Musical Term
Song Used Lonely Storm

Karate Man 2 (カラテ家2 Karateka 2) is the 49th minigame in Rhythm Heaven Fever. It is the sequel to Karate Man. This sequel features Karate Joe who is still training how to learn combo technique wisely. Getting a Perfect on this game will unlock a gift "A Musical Term" which will be available at the cafe.


Karate Man 2 Wii
Like the original karate man, you are playing as a man named Karate Joe, who must punch all of the objects that fly towards him. He punches flower pots, rocks (during every "hit-3!"), soccer balls (for comedic effect), and lightbulbs; and preforms a combo on a flurry of pots, ending with a barrel. The music is slower and much more poppy than the original Karate Man, but there are several rhythm changes that might throw some people off. There are also slightly more combos.


  • A: Punch
  • Hold A+B: Start combo (flurry punch)
  • Let go of A+B: Finish combo (uppercut)

Timing Notes

  • Hit: Karate Joe punches the assorted objects away. With an combo, he punches everything away and smashes the barrel, looking happy.
  • Barely: Karate Joe just grazes the objects, making them fall onto the ground. With a combo, he only hits some of the objects (either some pots if to early or late, or the barrel if not finished correctly), looking sad afterwards.
  • Miss: Karate Joe completely misses or doesn't punch, and the object flies past, with him looking surprised. With a combo, Joe either lets all the objects fly by, or messes up and spins out after the move is done.

Rating Notes

Rhythm Heaven Fever


  • "Wisdom from the Master"

Try Again

  • "You needed to focus on the basics."
  • "You were thrown by the changes."
  • "Your combos lacked finesse."


  • "Eh. Good enough."


  • "You have skill in the fundamentals."
  • "You took the rhythm changes in stride."
  • "You smashed through your combos!"

Beat the Beat Rhythm Paradise


  • "Words from the Master"

Try Again

  • "You need to learn the basics first."
  • "You lost focus during rhythm changes."
  • "Your combos lacked finesse."


  • "Good try."


  • "You have mastered the basics."
  • "You hit the rhythm change just right."
  • "You smashed your combos!"


Rhythm Heaven Fever

Beat the Beat Rhythm Paradise



  • The article that you unlock from perfecting this game, A Musical Term, has nothing to do with this game. Instead, it talks about Mr. Upbeat.
  • There is no practice for this game, though there is a new "Hit 4!" move.

In Other Languages

Language Name
JP Japanese カラテ家2 Karateka 2
FR French Karatéka 2
ES Spanish Kárate Killo 2
DU German Karateka! 2
IT Italian Karate Ka 2
KR Korean 격투가 2 The Fighter 2

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