"Time for another day of
hard training! He tries to
hide it, but you can tell
he's pleased with himself...
(And no practice for you!)
— Karate Man 2 Description

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Karate Man 2
カラテ家2 Karateka 2
Karate Man 2 DS
BPM 142
Appearance Rhythm Heaven
Game Number 42
Perfect Reward Karate Man 2 song
Song Used Struck by the Rain

Karate Man 2 (カラテ家2 Karateka 2?) is the 42nd minigame in Rhythm Heaven. It is the sequel to Karate Man. Karate Joe continues his training to keep his kicking skill on.


Karate Man 2 DS gameplay

The game's main change is a new color set, with everything being red and yellow-ish orange. The only other change is that when a barrel kick is pulled off, Karate Joe will get a oddly realistic smiling face. The gameplay is nearly identical to the original. The pace is merely sped up and the patterns get more complicated.


  • Tap: Punch, continue to enter Hold
  • Hold Stylus: Crouch
  • Flick: Kick

Timing Notes

  • Hit: The player punches the object, sending it flying to the right and off the screen. For a barrel, the player punches it and kicks the bomb in it far away into the background, with Karate Joe smiling afterwards.
  • Barely: The player grazes the object, and it falls to the ground. If the barrel is broken, the bomb is only kicked a bit into the background. Karate Joe looks a bit embarrassed. A barely counts as a miss.
  • Miss: The player lets the object fly right by Karate Joe. For a barrel, it either flies right by Joe, or if punched, the bomb is not kicked and falls to the ground. Karate Joe looks surprised.

Rating Notes


  • "The Master speaks..."

Try Again

  • "Focus on learning the basics first."
  • "You really messed up the ending."


  • "Hm..."
  • "I don't know..."
  • "Good enough..."
  • "I guess that was all right."


  • "You've got the basics down!"
  • "You kept up with the rhythm well."
  • "Nice timing on the kicks!"




  • The face Karate Joe makes after a successful kick was originally from Remix 8 in Rhythm Tengoku. It returns in Rhythm Heaven Fever's Remix 9.
  • During the OK and Superb epilogue screens, one of the Dazzles made a cameo alongside the Barista.
  • Like in the original, even if play has been perfect up to that point, missing the last pot will result in a Try Again rating result "You really messed up the ending.". A 'Barely' will not cause failure, however.
  • The beginning of the song is similar to Shoot-'Em Up.


Rhythm Heaven - Karate Man 2 (Perfect) (English)-0

Rhythm Heaven - Karate Man 2 (Perfect) (English)-0

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
JP Japaneseカラテ家2Karate Man 2
FR FrenchKaratéka 2
DU GermanKarateka! 2
ES SpanishKárate Killo 2
IT ItalianKarate Ka 2
KR Korean격투가 2The Fighter 2

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