Karate Joe's Father
カラテ家の父 Karateka no Chichi
Karate Joe's Father
Artwork from Rhythm Heaven Megamix
Gender Male
Appearances Rhythm Heaven (offscreen)

Rhythm Heaven Fever (offscreen)

Rhythm Heaven Megamix

Karate Joe's father is the father of Karate Joe who made his debut in the minigame Karate Man Senior from Rhythm Heaven Megamix.

Physical Appearence

Karate Joe's Father has tall, black, curly beehive haircut. He wears a black karate outfit with a red belt. He has a moustache, sunglasses, and doesn't wear any shoes.


Throughout Rhythm Heaven Megamix, the Rhythm items of Karate Man give us memories of Karate Joe and his father.

Karate Man (Soccer Ball)

Karate Joe's Father wanted his son to master karate instead of playing soccer, and told his son that he can't leave his house until he masters it. Karate Joe says he still lives in the basement.

Karate Man Returns! (Cooking Pot)

Karate Joe says that his father is a master at karate, but not cooking. Sometimes he makes dinner despite this, and asks if Karate Joe likes it. Joe has to lie and say that he likes it to make him feel good.

Karate Man Senior (LED Light Bulbs)

Karate Joe says that his father has incredible vision that allows him to quickly tell the color of a light bulb and react appropriately. He envies this ability.

Karate Man Kicks! (Bomb)

Karate Joe's father got his son bombs in order to make him face his fears. At first, Karate Joe thought they were fake, but then one exploded! Karate Joe has no idea where he got them.

Karate Man Combos! (Barrel)

Karate Joe's Father keeps a bunch of barrels around, but Karate Joe has no idea why. Joe has asked multiple times, although Karate Joe's Father has told him that he can only know when he is stronger than his father.


Karate Joe's Father appears in the last non-bonus or non-remix game in Rhythm Heaven Megamix. He is much stronger than his son, being able to do both combos and kicks in one session, and being able to hit double pots.




  • The symbol on the back of his outfit reads '父', which is Japanese for 'father.'
  • In the sprite sheet seen above, Joe's Father is almost completely bald, except for an single tuff of hair. This isn't seen at all in-game.
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