Karate Joe
カラテ家 Karateka
Karate Joe 3DS
Artwork from Rhythm Heaven Megamix
Gender Male
Appearances Rhythm Tengoku,
Rhythm Heaven,
Rhythm Heaven Fever,
Rhythm Heaven Megamix

Karate Joe is the third character to appear in the Rhythm Heaven series (the first and second being Samurai Drummer and the Barista), the first to appear in a rhythm game, and one of the only characters to appear in every game since Rhythm Tengoku. He is successing his father in Karate.

Physical Appearance

Karate Joe is characterized by his pale white skin, big nose, and balding head. He wears a black belt karate suit that matches the color of his skin. He wears no shoes. One of the Dazzles (the one with glasses) appears to find him attractive, as seen in the OK and Superb rating screens of Karate Man 2 (DS).

Rhythm Tengoku

Karate Joe first appeared in Rhythm Tengoku as its first rhythm game, Karate Man. He very soon later appears in the first remix alongside the four other games in Set 1. Much later, he reappears along with every other game in Remix 6. He appears in Karate Man 2 right after that. He makes his final appearances in the final two remixes, Remix 7 and Remix 8.

Rhythm Heaven

Karate Joe appears in many games in Rhythm Heaven. He first appears in Karate Man, notably being the last non-sequel/remix game in the game. Right after that, he reappears in set 6's remix, Remix 6. Many games later, he appears in Karate Man 2, Karate Man's sequel. He also has parts in the final three remixes, Remix 8, Remix 9, and Remix 10.

Rhythm Heaven Fever

In Rhythm Heaven Fever, the karate fighter appears in many different games as a cameo, however they are usually Easter-eggs. He first appears, as with the other games in the Rhythm Heaven series, in Karate Man. This rhythm game takes place right before the seventh remix, where he appears again. He gets parts in Remix 9 and gets a sequel minigame in Karate Man 2, which is right before the final remix, where he makes his last appearance. This makes it evident that he is the most recurring character in the Rhythm Heaven series.

Rhythm Heaven Megamix

In Rhythm Heaven Megamix, Karate Joe appears in Karate Man, Karate Man Returns!, Karate Man Kicks! and Karate Man Combos!, all of which as a playable character. He also Appears in Honeybee Remix wearing a bee hat, and Right-Hand Remix. Both appearances are based on Karate Man Returns!. In Karate Man Senior, he makes a cameo in the try again screen.



  • The GBA Karate Man makes a cameo appearance in Remix 7 of Rhythm Heaven Fever. After the last time you use him in that remix, you see him in between games. You see him sitting on his side on the floor in a nearly empty room watching a small television that displays an image of Karate Man.
  • Karate Joe has appeared as a playable character in 23 different games through the series.
  • Karate Joe makes a cameo in the Rhythm Heaven game Blue Birds 2. He can be in one of the memories of the birds, in the middle of training as the birds spy on him from a bush.
  • Karate Joe is one of the few characters to appear in every game in the series.
  • Karate Joe makes a minor appearance as a trophy in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and a spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
  • Karate Joe makes a cameo during a Young Cricket and Master Mantis preview for WarioWare Gold.



Artwork & Other

In Other Languages

Language Name
Flag of Japan Japanese カラテ家 Karateka
FR French Le karatéka
ES Spanish Kárate Killo
D German Karate Kurt
IT Italian Karate Ka
Flag of South Korea Korean 격투가 The Fighter