Kappa dj

Kappa DJ (かっぱDJ Kappa DJ) is a Rhythm Toy in Rhythm Heaven. It is unlocked at 24 medals which makes it the last unlockable rhythm toy.


The Kappa DJ toy has the most complex design of the rhythm toys in Rhythm Heaven. The first thing the player is likely to notice upon entering is the DJ the toy is named after, the Kappa DJ. The DJ has green skin and an orange abdomen. His face is made up of a yellow nose and mouth and pure black eyes. He wears grey headphones with a red stripe, and he has a disc on his head that moves with the player's inputs. 

The DJ stands in a music studio with speakers, switches, and wires. The top of the screen has a sign that says "ON AIR." There is a large music table behind the DJ with green screens and buttons. Windows in the background show a light blue sky.


In this rhythm toy, you can freely play with the turntable from DJ School and play specific sounds from the game to a pre-set beat. It is arguably the most complicated of the rhythm toys, as its many colored buttons create a lot of possibilities. Their functions are described in the Controls section of this article. 

Besides that, you can mess around with the turntable disc and stop the song at will. Flicking it will start it back up. You can slide it around to play noises as well.


Tap Turntable - Stops the turntable's movement and silences the music.

Slide Turntable - Plays scratching noises.

Flick Turntable - Resumes music with a distortion noise.

Tapping Buttons - Plays the corresponding sound clip.


Button 1 Plays a sample from the DJ School song. The Kappa will make a grinding motion with his hands.

Button 2 Plays a sample from the DJ School song. The Kappa will swing his hands back and forth.

Button 3 Plays a sample from the DJ School song. The Kappa will put his right arm in the air and swirl it around.

Button 4 Plays the final sample from the DJ School song. The Kappa will make, fan his hands towards each other.


Button 5 The Kappa will say, "Break" as he points to his right.

Button 6 The Kappa will say, "C'mon!" as he makes a hugging motion.

Button 7 The Kappa will say, "Ooh!" as he points to the sky with his right hand.

Button 8 The Kappa will say, "Scratch-o" as he moves his head from his right to left.


In Other Languages

Language Name
JP Japanese かっぱDJ
FR French D.J. Coin-Coin
ES Spanish
D German DJ Kappa
IT Italian
KR Korean DJ 스튜디오 DJ Studio

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