Frog Hop 2
Today, we're going all
instrumental! The sax will
carry the vocal line.

(And no practice for you!)
ConsoleDS Icon.png Rhythm Heaven
Jumpin' Jazz
Today, we're going all
instrumental! The sax will
carry the vocal line.

Console3DS Icon.png Rhythm Heaven Megamix

Jumpin' Jazz (ケロケロナイト Kerokero Naito?), known in Rhythm Heaven as Frog Hop 2 (ケロケロダンス2 Kerokero Dansu 2?), is the 33rd minigame in Rhythm Heaven and the 82nd minigame in Rhythm Heaven Megamix being the sequel to Frog Hop. The music in this game is now instrumental, played on a sax by the Sax Player, and the Frogettes appear slightly different, wearing top hats and fancy clothes.


Frog Hop 2.png
Frog Night gameplay.PNG

The gameplay is exactly the same as its prequel, but the tempo is slightly faster, and several new commands are put in different spots throughout the song. The soundtrack is now instrumental as the sax player plays on a sax rather than singing. You have a lot of "Yahoo!" cues to do while shaking your hips, as well as dealing with the "Yeah, yeah, yeah!" cues.


Rhythm Heaven

  • Tap: Shake hips
  • Tap (Hold): Prepare to spin
  • Flick: Spin

Rhythm Heaven Megamix

  • Ⓐ/Tap: Shake hips
  • Ⓑ (Hold)/Tap (Hold): Prepare to spin
  • Ⓑ (Release)/Tap (Release): Spin

Timing Display

  • Perfect!/Ace!: The frog dances correctly.
  • Early!/Late!: The frog sweats as he dancers slightly off the beat. In Rhythm Heaven only, this does not cause the player to fail a Perfect Campaign.
  • Miss...: The frog bumps into the frog next to him. The other frogs give him a worried look.


ConsoleDS Icon.png
The bandleader says...
GradingNG DS.png
You guys had some timing troubles.
Loosen up a little!
A little shaky on the yeahs...
GradingOK DS.png
Hm... (US.svg)/Hmm... (UK.svg)
Good enough...
I don't know...
I guess that was all right.
GradingHI DS.png
You made me want to jump!
You nailed the "Yeah, yeah, yeah's"!
You laid on some solid moves!

Console3DS Icon.png
The Sax Player Says
GradingNG 3DS.png
You were a little shaky.
Your sync was off.
You turned every way but the right one.
GradingOK 3DS.png
Eh. Passable.
GradingHI 3DS.png
Steady as she goes!
You stayed in sync nicely.
Turns out you can turn!


Rhythm Heaven

Rhythm Heaven Megamix

Rhythm Item

Saxophone Tadpole Guilt
Item holder.png
"Hey, do you happen to know,
just, hypothetically, if a sax
is ruined by being dropped
in a pond? No reason."

Skill Star

The Skill Star appears on the second double "Yeah, yeah, yeah!"

Challenge Land

Jumpin' Jazz appears in the following Challenge Train courses:



  • The sax player twirls his saxophone during a "Spin it, boys!" instead of spinning himself.
    • At least in Megamix, there are unused sprites of the Sax Player spinning himself.
      Spin It Boi.png
  • The "tink" sound effect when the backup dancer goes offbeat was replaced with a different sound effect in Rhythm Heaven Megamix.
  • In Rhythm Heaven, after the orange & green Frogettes spin, they suddenly get visible sleeves. Normally, everyone except the Sax Player has no sleeves. This was fixed in Rhythm Heaven Megamix.

Gameplay Video

Rhythm Heaven Rhythm Heaven Megamix
Rhythm_Heaven_-_Frog_Hop_2_(Perfect)_(English)-1 Rhythm_Heaven_Megamix_-_Jumpin'_Jazz_(Perfect)_(English)

In Other Languages

Rhythm Heaven

Language Name Meaning
JP.svg Japanese ケロケロダンス2
Kerokero Dansu 2
Ribbit Dance 2
US.svg English Frog Hop 2
FR.svg French Danse des rainettes 2 Dancing tree frogs 2
DU.svg German Frog 'n' Roll 2 Pun on "Rock 'n' Roll"
IT.svg Italian Rane Rock 2 Rock Frogs 2
ES.svg Spanish Ritmo Rana 2 Frog Rhythm 2
KR.svg Korean 개굴개굴 댄스2
Gaegulgaegul Daenseu 2
Ribbit Dance 2

Rhythm Heaven Megamix

Language Name Meaning
JP.svg Japanese ケロケロナイト
Kerokero Naito
Ribbit Night
US.svg English Jumpin' Jazz
FR.svg French Le retour des rainettes The return of the tree frogs
DU.svg German Frog Rock Frog Rock
IT.svg Italian Rane Jazz Jazz Frogs
ES.svg Spanish Ritmo rana rock Frog rhythm rock
KR.svg Korean 개굴개굴 나이트
Gaegulgaegul Naiteu
Ribbit Night
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