Huebirds of Happiness
イロトリ鳥 Irotori Tori
Huebirds of Happiness 3DS
Artwork from Rhythm Heaven Megamix
Gender Unspecified/Multiple
Appearances Rhythm Heaven Fever,
Rhythm Heaven Megamix

The Huebirds of Happiness (known simply as Huebirds in Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise) are a species of multicolored birds that appear in the games Flock Step, Munchy Monk (Wii), and Night Walk (Wii) in Rhythm Heaven Fever. They migrate in giant flocks as shown in Flock Step. The main color of the Huebirds is pink, but they can also come in orange, yellow, lime green, and blue.



  • Their name is a pun on "The Bluebird of Happiness", an English play which has the titular Bluebird as a character.
  • The Huebirds made a cameo appearance in Warioware Gold in a math book of 9-Volt's intro stage.
  • In "Birds of the Universe," there's also mention of an animal called the "Eloquent Tapir." However, it is unknown if they're related to the Huebirds of Happiness or what they look like.


In Other Languages

Language Name
JP Japanese
FR French Les échassiers colorés
ES Spanish Colorpajarines
D German
IT Italian Fenicolorotteri
KR Korean 색색새 Colorable Birds
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