Horse Machine
The Horse Machine (ウママシーン uma mashin) is a Rhythm Toy that can be unlocked in Rhythm Tengoku.


The game has a rather simple look to it. Two people are riding horses in the middle of a forest. You, the player, are a man wearing white clothes and a white hat. You have a light brown horse. Your partner, however, is wearing darker colored clothing and has a much darker horse.

As you get faster and faster. you leave the forest and the background changes. The gallery at the bottom of this page shows the seven different environments you can be in. These include a red forest, a sunset, a city, and more.


Horse Machine's Story, a letter obtainable in Rhythm Tengoku, describes the secret story behind the development of the Horse Machine. The Horse Machine was developed by a scientist named Dr. F. Dr. F began development of the Horse Machine so everybody could experience the joy of riding a horse, which is his passion. 

Dr. F experienced many hardships throughout the Horse's development. He often lost sight of the answers and considered giving up. Now, Dr. F says that if you play on the Horse Machine and get any bit of enjoyment, his hardships and problems will fly right away.


The objective is to follow along with the rhythms that the other horse trots to. After getting farther than the other horse, you will need to follow the next rhythm. Eventually, you will get to the last rhythm, galloping, which will repeat forever as it becomes faster. The rhythm will eventually become humanly impossible to maintain due to the speed and will require some sort of tool assistance to continue.

Lesson 1: Walking

パッ カ パッ カ

Lesson 2: Trotting

トッ トッ トッ トッ

Lesson 3: Running

パ カ ラッ

Lesson 4: Galloping

ド ド ド ドッ


A, B, and D-pad: Trot


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