チョキル Chokiru
Artwork from Rhythm Heaven Megamix
Gender Male
Flow 45
Favorite Game Rhythm Tweezers
Likes Bonsai trees
Dislikes Rock-paper-scissors
Appearances Rhythm Heaven Megamix

"I am Hairold, master of the dual-wield scissors!"
— Hairold - Rhythm Heaven Megamix

Hairold is a man that Tibby encounters in Rhythm Heaven Megamix. He is the guardian of Barbershop Land and Barbershop Tower.

Physical Appearance

Hairold is seen sporting a red pair of pants and a pink shirt with red scissors on it. He wears white shoes and a red hat with a cotton ball on top. Hairold also wears a pair of olive colored sunglasses.


As you may guess from his looks, Hairold is obsessed with scissors and cutting hair. Upon meeting him in Barbershop Land , he is seen playing with two pairs of scissors, before offering Tibby a hair cut. Although Tibby believes him to be an awkward person, he decides to help him out anyway.


After talking about haircuts with Tibby for a while, Hairold asks him and the player for a favor. He says that his Barbershop has lost all of its groove, and he's been getting no customers. He asks Tibby and the player to remodel the place and offers an uneven hair cut as a reward.



  • Hairold's name is an obvious pun off of hair.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
JP Japanese チョキル "Chokiru"
US English (US)
UK English (UK)
FR French Tignasse
ES Spanish Pelonio
D German Haarald
IT Italian Capellòn
KR Korean 샤샥둑 Hardcutter
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