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Glass Tappers

Rhythm Heaven

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Glass Tappers (バー Bar) is an Endless Game that can be unlocked in Rhythm Heaven for 22 Medals. It features four bartenders or waiters, who each have a wine glass in front of them in which they tap them in a certain rhythm. The player plays as the youngest looking man with a pink bow tie who is last in line of the four.


In this endless subgame, the player must copy what the leading bartender taps onto his glass. After he finishes his routine, a blue haired man with glasses follows him on, and an elderly man follows him on. Once the three have followed each other off, the player must then copy what they did.

If the player is follows the rhythm on properly, the spectating character will cheer the men on. If the player fails, the spectating character will lose interest in the men. If the player manages to follow the rhythm properly, they will regain the character's interest, but not fully. If the player fails to follow the rhythm while the character has lost interest, the character is revealed to have left the bar, resulting in a Game Over.


  • Tap: Tap glass/hold glass in place
  • Flick: Flick glass

Timing Notes

  • Hit: The glass tapper follows the rhythm correctly, while making the women happy.
  • After one miss when you follow the rhythm correctly, the women will continue to look at you only with sad expressions.
  • Barely: N/A
  • Miss: The glass tapper does nothing or messes up the rhythm. The women will lose interest & leave the bar if the player messes up the second time.


The subgame starts off with the four bartenders attempting to console a sad young woman. As the player gets through more rounds, more and more interesting characters make an appearance to marvel at the four men as well as the subgame's tempo increasing.

  • Round 9: A green alien in a pink dress appears.
  • Round 17: A robot appears.
  • Round 25: A woman with towering red hair appears.

Also, in the practice session, an anthropomorphic white bear in a suit judges the performance of the player.


  • Considering the music's similar piano jazz theme, it can be implied that this is the same bar the Barista works at.
  • The high score counter only goes up to 99.
  • This is the only original copycat endless game.


Rhythm Heaven - Endless Games - Glass Tappers

Rhythm Heaven - Endless Games - Glass Tappers

In Other Languages

Language Name
JP Japanese バー Bar
FR French Verres cadencés
ES Spanish Los Camareros
D German Glasmusik
IT Italian I toccabicchieri
KR Korean 4명의 신사 4 Gentlemen

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