Gatekeeper Trio
門番トリオ Moriban Trio
Gatekeeper Trio
Artwork from Rhythm Heaven Megamix
Gender Males
Appearances Rhythm Heaven Megamix

The Gatekeeper Trio is a group of men that Tibby encounters in Rhythm Heaven Megamix. They consist of Saffron (right), Saltwater (center), and Paprika (left). They each wield a fire lit staff and are all dressed in colored cloaks and wear color matching aviation caps and goggles.

Saffron owns a shop in the cafe where the player buy goods such as shop games, rhythm items or CD's with their coins and Flow Balls.

Saltwater owns the museum where the player can play all the games in one place, view your rhythm items or listen to their CD's. They can also check their badges, watch the credits, and see the mascots they’ve unlocked.

Paprika hosts the Challenge Train, where the player must complete challenge's by themselves or with friends, and the Perfect Campaign, where the player has a chance to achieve a Perfect rating on a Rhythm Game.

In Other Languages

Language Name
ES Spanish Los Guardianes
IT Italian I Tre Guardiani
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