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Fork Lifter
Hungry? Hope you have
good reflexes!
ConsoleWii Icon.png Rhythm Heaven Fever
Fork Lifter
You've never had fast food
as fast as this! The more
you skewer, the more you
get to eat!
ConsoleWii Icon.png Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise
Fork Lifter
Hungry? Hope you have good
Console3DS Icon.png Rhythm Heaven Megamix

Fork Lifter (くしざし Kushizashi?) is the 1st Rhythm Game of Stage 2 (6th overall) in Rhythm Heaven Fever and the 1st of Shop No. 4 (100th overall), costing 10 Flow Balls, in Rhythm Heaven Megamix.


Screenshot Wii Fork Lifter.png
Screenshot 3DS Fork Lifter.png

The player controls a human hand holding a fork. Very far away on the other side of the table, another hand is shown through a zooming bubble. When the game starts, the hand flicks peas towards the player, who must drop the fork to catch it at the right time. If food is successfully caught, it stays on the fork until the hand is lifted away and the person eats the food offscreen. While the speed the peas move at is always the same, their number and the spacing between them varies. At one point, the peas are replaced with pieces of a hamburger. In Rhythm Heaven Megamix, the previously blank, white background now has lines.


  • Ⓐ/Tap: Skewer food

Timing Display

  • Perfect!/Ace!: The fork skewers the food precisely on the center prong. If all the food on a forkful is skewered this way, the person gulps it down.
  • Early!/Late!: The food is caught in between two prongs, on the left if too early and on the right if late. If a piece of food is on a forkful this way, the person coughs.
  • Miss...: The food zooms past the fork and an audience groans.


ConsoleWii Icon.png (US.svg)
Etiquette Check
GradingNG Wii.png
Your fork technique was rather uncouth.
Your consecutive stabs needed work.
GradingOK Wii.png
Eh. Good enough.
GradingHI Wii.png
Your fork technique was quite elegant.
Your consecutive stabs were excellent.
Your triple-stab technique was sublime.
ConsoleWii Icon.png (UK.svg)
Etiquette Check
GradingNG Wii.png
You'd be better eating with your hands.
You messed up the consecutive stabs.
GradingOK Wii.png
Good try.
GradingHI Wii.png
You use a fork elegantly.
Your consecutive stabs were excellent.
You performed a wonderful triple stab!
Console3DS Icon.png
Etiquette Check
GradingNG 3DS.png
Your fork technique was rather uncouth.
Your consecutive stabs needed work.
GradingOK 3DS.png
Eh. Passable.
GradingHI 3DS.png
Your fork technique was quite elegant.
Your consecutive stabs were excellent.


ConsoleWii Icon.png
GradingNG Wii.png
GradingOK Wii.png
GradingHI Wii.png
Epilogue Wii Fork Lifter NG.png Epilogue Wii Fork Lifter OK.png Epilogue Wii Fork Lifter HI.png
Blood sugar...so...low... I could eat two more dinners! So full! So satisfied!

I'm still starving...

I could eat another course!

I couldn't eat another thing!
Console3DS Icon.png
GradingNG 3DS.png
GradingOK 3DS.png
GradingHI 3DS.png
Epilogue 3DS Fork Lifter NG.png Epilogue 3DS Fork Lifter OK.png Epilogue 3DS Fork Lifter HI.png
Blood sugar...so...low... I could eat two more dinners! So full! So satisfied!

Rhythm Item

Spoon A Spoon's Reflection
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Spoon.png
Item holder.png
As Fork struggled with the
beans, Spoon sat, unused,
in a drawer, reflecting on how
much better suited it was to
the job at hand. If it had tear
ducts, it would have cried.

Skill Star

The Skill Star appears during the mini-hamburger part.

Challenge Land

Fork Lifter appears in the following Challenge Train courses:


Two Player

Fork Lifter

Hungry? Hope you have
good reflexes!

ConsoleWii Icon.png Rhythm Heaven Fever
Fork Lifter
You've never had fast food
as fast as this! The more
you skewer, the more you
get to eat!
ConsoleWii Icon.png Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise

Fork Lifter (くしざし Kushizashi?) is the 1st Rhythm Game in the Two-Player Menu in Rhythm Heaven Fever. It is unlocked after completing the One Player version.

The two players are tasked with catching speeding peas each with a fork. P1 has a blue fork on the left and P2 has an orange fork on the right. The hand shooting peas is now in the center and shoots two peas at a time to both players. At some points, one of the forks moves off-screen, leaving only one player to catch peas.


Rhythm Heaven Fever Rhythm Heaven Megamix

Rhythm Heaven Fever ~ Fork Lifter (Perfect)


Rhythm Heaven Megamix - Fork Lifter (Perfect) (English)


  • Unlike real-life forks (and more like a trident), the fork has 3 prongs instead of 4.


Main article: Fork Lifter/Unused

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
JP.svg Japanese くしざし
Kushi Zashi
US.svg English Fork Lifter Pun on "Forklift"
FR.svg French Coups de fourchette Fork hits
DU.svg German Erbsenzähler Pea counter
IT.svg Italian Colpi di forchetta Fork hits
ES.svg Spanish Tenedor supersónico Supersonic fork
KR.svg Korean 포크 찍기
Pokeu Jjiggi
Fork Chopping


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