Streetpass fighter
Figure Fighter VS is a Rhythm Toy in Rhythm Heaven Megamix. It is available after the player clears the Lush Tower.


The game has you using Figure Fighter's controls to compete against another muscle doll. The level of difficulty depends on the Flow of the character you choose to fight. When you jab at the right moment, the opponent's balloon will inflate more. The winner is the one who pops the others balloon.


Two muscle dolls, colored red and blue, punch pumps of their color to inflate the opponet's balloon. The player is red, and the opponent is blue. The balloons have a picture of the character's face on it, and a gold sign in the middle of the arena reads 'VS'. The background scenery has a blue sky, green grass, and a giant mug.

The touch screen displays a white A button that is synced with the player's A presses.


Beating a new character will give you a treasure chest and a new character to challenge each with the higher difficulty. After beating every character (excluding tagged streetpass fighters), characters will randomly generate treasure chests. Each chest contains a number of coins and different colored turnips (bronze, silver, and gold) to feed the goat with in Feed Goat.


You can fight against Boondog, Dieter, Shep, Donna, Hairold, Eglantine, Trey, Bertram, Betty, Philip, Colin, Saffron, Saltwater, Paprika, and Barista. You can also fight other players encountered on Streetpass, as mentioned below.


Whenever you get tagged by another player, the Cafe icon will display Barista, hinting that another player has tagged you. When you tag a player, it displays the player's Mii, Flow, and favorite rhythm game like the normal fighters (Favorite rhythm games are decided by what game you have played the most). You can then fight against them.


  • A or Tap: Punch

Timing Notes

  • Hit: The stick figure will grow muscles to punch the button. If you hit the button with frame perfect timing, the button will flash white and grow the balloon more than a normal hit.
  • Barely: The stick figure will grow muscles, but miss the button.
  • Miss: The stick figure will punch the button without growing muscles, causing the opponent's balloon to not grow.



  • Music from Rhythm Fighter can be heard during the duel.
  • When the opponent or the player is Ko'd, the way they're knocked out is a reference to Street Fighter.
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