"The problem with being the
champ is that everyone
wants to take your title
away from you. Defend it!
(No practice.)
— Figure Fighter 2 Description (Rhythm Heaven Fever)

"Being the champ isn't easy.
Show them all you've still
got it with a good one-two!

(And no practice for you)
— Figure Fighter 2 Description (Beat the Beat Rhythm Paradise)

"This is it! The final bout for tiny,
inflatable glory! Will you retire in
triumph or disgrace? (No practice)
— Figure Fighter 3 Description (Rhythm Heaven Megamix)

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Figure Fighter 3
マッスル人形チャンピオン Massuru Ningyou Chanpion

Figure Fighter 2

Figure Champion title

BPM 145
Appearance Rhythm Heaven Fever
Rhythm Heaven Megamix
Game Number 46 (Rhythm Heaven Fever)
78 (Rhythm Heaven Megamix)
Perfect Reward Parental Controls (Rhythm Heaven Fever)
1 Flow Ball (Rhythm Heaven Megamix)

Figure Fighter 3 (マッスル人形チャンピオン Massuru Ningyou Chanpion, "Muscle Doll Champion"), known in Rhythm Heaven Fever as Figure Fighter 2 (Japanese: マッスル人形2 Massuru Ningyou 2, Muscle Doll 2), is the 46th minigame in Rhythm Heaven Fever and the 78th minigame in Rhythm Heaven Megamix. It is the threequel to Figure Fighter 2. Finally, the Muscle Doll has become a worldwide champion, but he must defend himself during his championship battle. How much can the champ handle the distance?

Appearance/Gameplay Changes

Figure Fighter 2 Gameplay
Figure Champion gameplay

The only changes to the game's appearance are recolored things. The Muscle Doll himself is now tan with red clothes, the punching bag is blue, and the background is mostly tan/yellow. The base gameplay is the same, as the original; the player needs to puff up the doll as he punches to hit the bag, following the announcer's cues. However, the first part of the game has several cues for the player to make, while the screen is still black and partially darkened. This requires the player to not get caught off guard, and hit the beats without visuals. The game's cues are mostly consecutive offbeat as well.


Button Mode

  • A: Press button

Simple Tap Mode

  • Tap: Press button

Timing Notes

  • Hit: The button pumps him up to be more muscular simultaneously with his jab.
  • Barely: The figure's pumping is delayed with a popping noise, depending on if you were early or late. A barely counts as a miss.
  • Miss: The figure hits the punching bag without pumped up arms.

Rating Notes

Rhythm Heaven Fever


  • "Fan Feedback"

Try Again

  • "Your punching rhythm was off."
  • "No combos? At all?"
  • "Your punches were on the weak side."


  • "Eh. Good enough."


  • "Good punching rhythm."
  • "Like a hailstorm of punching!"
  • "You nailed that last part!"

Beat the Beat Rhythm Paradise


  • "Audience Observation"

Try Again

  • "Your punching rhythm was off."
  • "You didn't put any combos together.."
  • "Your punches were a little weak."


  • "Good try."


  • "Your punching rhythm was excellent!"
  • "You made a barrage of punches!"
  • "You were snappy until the final bell."

Rhythm Heaven Megamix


  • "The Announcer Says"

Try Again

  • "What's going on with his jabs?"
  • "His famous triples are nowhere to be seen!"
  • "Was he going for a one-two hit?"


  • "Eh. Passable."


  • "There he goes! Great jabs!"
  • "Ouch, those triples hurt three times as much!"
  • "Look at that one-two hit! Dynamite!"


Rhythm Heaven Fever

Beat the Beat Rhythm Paradise

Rhythm Heaven Megamix

Rhythm Item

Mint-in-Box Figure

Mind-in-Box Figure
Just Buy Two
My brother just collects the Muscle Dolls--he doesn't play with them. He's got a limited-edition red one still in the box. What's the point of a full box?

Skill Star

When the announcer says the fast "And one two!" after finishing "Go, go, go!" punch perfectly the second time to collect the star.



  • Toran from Toran & Porin made a cameo during the epilogue screens in this game.
  • This is the only rhythm game to have 3 in the title in Megamix.
  • If you don't hit the final "and one-two!" you won't get a Superb.


Rhythm Heaven Fever Rhythm Heaven Megamix
Rhythm Heaven Fever ~ Figure Fighter 2 (Perfect)

Rhythm Heaven Fever ~ Figure Fighter 2 (Perfect)

Rhythm Heaven Megamix - Figure Fighter 3 (Perfect) (English)-0

Rhythm Heaven Megamix - Figure Fighter 3 (Perfect) (English)-0

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
JP Japanese マッスル人形チャンピオン Muscle Doll Champion
US English (US)
UK English (UK)
FR French Hyper gonflette
ES Spanish El Musculitos 3
D German Muskelmann 3
IT Italian Muscoli gonfiati 3
KR Korean 근육 인형 챔피언 Muscle Doll Champion

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