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Endless Remix

Rhythm Heaven Fever

Game Number


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The Endless Remix (エンドレスリミックス Endoresu Rimikkusu?) is an Endless Game unlocked after getting a Perfect on all 50 Rhythm Games in Rhythm Heaven Fever.

List of games

Basket Kaeru Tobi Chameleon
Basketball Girls Game Princess Frog game Chameleon game
Manzai (JP Only) Mr. Upbeat (NA, EU and KR only) Munchy Monk
Manzai Birds Wii MrUpbeatWithoutHUD MunchyMonkWithoutHUD

This remix is unique in that it's actually missing two endless games, and has three games not playable anywhere else. As such, they don't actually have official names, and are being referred here with their names on the Debug Menu.


Basketball Girls Game

Rhythm Heaven Fever

Game Number

1, 3 (Endless Remix)

Basket (バスケット Basuketto?) stars the Girls' Basketball Team, and the player controls the girl on the right. To play this game, you must grab the ball whenever the girl on the left shouts 'Go!'.


  • A + B = Grab the ball

Timing Notes

  • Hit: The player throws the ball into the basket, and the backboard smiles.
  • Barely: The player attempts to throw the ball into the basket, but it bounces off and the backboard winces. A barely counts as a hit.
  • Miss: The player fails to catch the ball, being hit with it in the face. One miss ends the game.

Kaeru Tobi

Princess Frog game
Kaeru Tobi

Rhythm Heaven Fever

Game Number

2 (Endless Remix)

Kaeru Tobi (カエル跳び Frog Jump?) features the Frog and Frog Princess, and the goal is to hop from lily pad to lily pad. The frog will croak two times, and the player must begin charging a jump on the first beat after the second croak, and release on the next beat.


  • A: Hold to charge jump, release to leap

Timing Notes

  • Hit: The frog successfully jumps to the next lily pad. Frog Princess is satisfied. One point is added.
  • Barely: The frog barely jumps to the next lily pad. Frog Princess almost falls off. A barely counts as a hit.
  • Miss: Frog Princess falls off. If the player never presses the button, the frog misses the lily pad entirely. One miss ends the game.


Chameleon game

Rhythm Heaven Fever

Game Number

4 (Endless Remix)

In Chameleon (カメレオン Kamereon?), you play as the chameleon and your goal is to eat any flies that come towards you. Each fly will shriek three times, and you need to extend your tongue on when it would shriek a fourth time. Small flies require you to extend your tongue a short distance, and large flies require you to extend your tongue further.


  • A: Lash tongue for a short distance.
  • A+B: Lash tongue for a long distance.

Timing Notes

  • Hit: The chameleon eats the fly.
  • Barely: The fly falls down. A barely counts as a miss, so one barely ends the game.
  • Miss: The fly flies away. One miss ends the game.


  • This Remix is the only one to:
    • exclusively use Endless Games.
    • have games not playable on their own.
    • have an entire game replaced in other regions.
    • require Perfects to unlock.
    • not have an ending.
  • This and Extra Remix TempoUpExtra6 are the first Remixes to have a name instead of a number, prior to every Remix being named in Rhythm Heaven Megamix.
  • The first four sections of the Remix are always the same (Going in the order of Basket, Kaeru Tobi, Basket, Chameleon), after which the games are chosen at random.
  • Whenever the player lands a successful hit in Basket, the backboard will make the "Okay!" sound effect from Fillbots.
  • The frog in Kaeru Tobi looks identical to the one in Tambourine. In fact, the only difference is that the frog in Tambourine has a thicker outline.
  • Chameleon is thematically similar to the Rhythm Game Tongue Lashing in Rhythm Heaven Megamix, even sharing the same Japanese name.
  • Munchy Monk normally allows the player three misses, represented by tickets. This remix doesn't use them, yet the sound effect when losing a ticket is still heard.
  • This game, Lady Cupid, Clap Trap, Mochi Pounding and Bossa Nova are the only Endless Games in Rhythm Heaven Fever to not have a code word for Police Call. The ones in Mr. Upbeat/Manzai and Munchy Monk aren't present in this remix, either.
  • The Remix-exclusive minigames (Basket, Kaeru Tobi, and Chameleon) all have standalone testing stages in the Debug Menu.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
JP Japanese工ンドレスリミックス
Endoresu Rimikkusu
Endless Remix
US EnglishEndless Remix
FR FrenchRemix infiniInfinite remix
DU GermanEndlos-RemixEndless-Remix
ES SpanishRemix sin finRemix without end
IT ItalianRemix
KR Korean엔드리스 리믹스
Endeuliseu Limigseu
Endless Remix

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