"Oh pretty little birdy! There's no need to be shy!"
— Eglantine - Rhythm Heaven Megamix

エグラン Eguran
Eglantine 2
Artwork from Rhythm Heaven Megamix
Gender Female
Flow 50
Favorite Game Flock Step
Likes Little birds
Dislikes Slowpokes
Appearances Rhythm Heaven Megamix

Eglantine (Japanese: エグラン Eglan) is a character who is in charge of Songbird Land and Songbird Tower in Rhythm Heaven Megamix.


Eglantine appears as a young woman with yellow-green hair and rosy cheeks in a pink cloak, who is usually seen holding an egg. She has the usual black eyes when she's calm, but when her "dark side" comes out, the area from her forehead to just below the eyes darkens to black and her eyes glow green, creating a more sinister look.  


At first, Eglantine appears as a calm individual. She isn't always nice as she seems, as she tends to get into her "dark side" whenever she is angry. It is likely this was derived from the 'yangire' personality. The two sides of her personality appear to conflict greatly, as she goes from kind and benevolent to threatening and hateful.


When Tibby arrives at Songbird Land, he encounters Eglantine who is having trouble getting the egg to hatch. After she finds out the Flow at Songbird Land had faded, she asks Tibby to "put the Flow into the egg" so it could hatch. After the bird is hatched, she is initially shocked at its large size, but ends up being amazed at how something so large could fit in such a small egg. 

After summoning the six towers, Tibby arrives at Songbird Tower, where he once again meets Eglantine. By clearing all the minigames and restoring "Flow" to the tower, she is able to unlock the purple-coloured power of the tower to contribute to the Power of Rainbow.



  • She is the second female character that Tibby encounters in the first half of the game's story mode.
  • She may be a witch or mage, as she mentioned that she practices magic, and her robes resemble this role. 
  • Her personality may be based off of "yandere", which is characterised for its change from cute to terrifying.
  • Her English name is a pun on "Egg collecting", which suits her hobby.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
JP Japanese エグラン Eguran
US English (US)
UK English (UK)
FR French Piaf
ES Spanish Piola
D German Twietrude
IT Italian Cinguettinia
KR Korean 에그랑 Eggran
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