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The Drum Lessons (ドラムレッスン Doramuressun?, "Drum Lessons") are minigames in Rhythm Tengoku hosted by Samurai Drummer. They can be accessed through the main game select menu after clearing Remix 1.


As you unlock more medals in Rhythm Tengoku, you unlock more drums to play. There are 19 different lessons to unlock with your medals. Each drum lesson has a different name and a different icon to represent it. 


The gameplay of the drum lessons is meant to train you for the Concert Hall, which has the same controls and is unlocked after clearing Remix 8. The same controls are also used in the studio, which can be
Drum Studio Listen
selected in the main menu. Here, you can drum or listen to any song in the game. Choosing to listen to a song will show the drummer relaxing and drinking from a steaming hot mug, but if you choose to play you can freestyle on any drum set you choose to play.

Drum Lesson In Game
In the normal drumming lessons, you have to copy Samurai Drummer's patterns rather than play on your own. You can listen to his pattern for however long you want before attempting to play it. You can use the start button to slow down time and hear the pattern much slower. This can help quite a bit,
Drum Lesson Shrug
as you must copy a pattern four times in order to move on to the next part of the lesson. Failing during a high streak will cause Samurai Drummer to shrug.

After completing a lesson, you are given a rank based on how you did that will appear in the menu. The highest rank you can get is an S rank, which requires a 96 or higher.


Against the wall is an arrow pointing to the right that says, "LEVELUP." As the player continues to repeat the pattern, the arrow will gradually light up until they finish copying the patterns successfully. 

Drum Lesson Green

The light on the top flashed green.

On the top of the screen is a timing indicator, which will flash green, yellow, or red depending on your timing of each drum hit. Use this to your advantage to figure out the right time to hit the drums.

All Drum Lessons


  • The drum lessons serve a very similar purpose to the Guitar Lessons in Rhythm Heaven.
    • The music in the menu of the drum lessons is similar to the music played in the menu of the Guitar Lessons.
  • The bee from the epilogues of Remix 3 makes a cameo in one of the backgrounds of the drum sets.
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