Drum Girls
ドラムガールズ Doramugāruzu
Drum Girls-0
Artwork from Rhythm Tengoku
Gender Females
Appearances Rhythm Tengoku,
Rhythm Heaven (cameo),
Rhythm Heaven Fever (cameo)

The Drum Girls (ドラムガールズ Doramugāruzu?) are a group of girls who perform in the concert hall in Rhythm Tengoku. They consist of Yagura on the drums, a girl on the guitar and another girl on the bass. The songs they play are Night Walk, Space Dance, and Koi no Honey Sweet Angel.


  • The strums where the girls jump during an important part in the song is seen again in Rockers.
  • In the game, there is an unused standalone version of the Drum Girls where they play the song from Bunny Hop.
  •  They made a cameo in rating screens in Remix 7 in Rhythm Heaven, without the girl with the guitar. They return in Remix 9 in Rhythm Heaven Fever, with the Assistant replacing the girl with the bass.
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