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Double Date
It's your first date with the
girl of your dreams! Also,
some weasels are on a date!
Don't let the double date
be ruined by flying balls!
ConsoleWii Icon.png Rhythm Heaven Fever
Double Date
It's my big chance with the
girl of my dreams! Kicking
the balls to safety is sure
to impress her.
ConsoleWii Icon.png Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise
Double Date
It's your first date with the girl of your
dreams! Also, some weasels are on a
date! Don't let the mood get ruined!
Console3DS Icon.png Rhythm Heaven Megamix

Double Date (Wデート W Date)?) is the 4th Rhythm Game of Stage 1 (4th overall) in Rhythm Heaven Fever and the 2nd of Shop No. 3 (98th overall), costing 10 Flow Balls, in Rhythm Heaven Megamix.

The arrange version, Double Date 2, appears in Stage 8 in Rhythm Heaven Fever.


Screenshot Wii Double Date.png
Screenshot 3DS Double Date.png

The player controls A Boy, who is on a date with His Crush. They must kick away various sports balls that bounce toward them to protect a Weasel Couple. There are three types of balls that bounce toward the group.

  • Soccer balls appear most frequently, bouncing once.
  • Basketballs appear less frequently, which skid once and then bounce.
  • Footballs appear occasionally. They bounce three times before reaching the boy. They move at a slower rhythm than the others.


  • Ⓐ/Tap: Kick

Timing Display

  • Perfect!/Ace!: The boy kicks the ball away, seemingly knocking it into a nearby tree, causing leaves to fall. The weasels smile and cheer him on. When kicking away Footballs, the weasels jump for joy, surprising the girl a bit. The Football is seen in the background, where one of several characters catches or hits the ball.
  • Early!/Late!: The boy attempts to kick the ball but cringes in pain as if he pulled his leg muscle. A "doink" sound is heard. The weasels look back in surprise, and the ball falls to the side.
  • Miss...: The girl gives a worried look as the weasels squeak and duck under the hole to avoid the missed ball. A missed American football hits the the orange weasel in the face, temporarily bruising it. Either way, the weasels give a dissapointed look.


ConsoleWii Icon.png (US.svg)
Words from the Weasels
GradingNG Wii.png
Kicking isn't your strong suit.
The footballs were tricky for you, huh?
GradingOK Wii.png
Eh. Good enough.
GradingHI Wii.png
It's like you were born to kick!
Footballs are clearly no problem for you!
You did really well at the hard parts.
ConsoleWii Icon.png (UK.svg)
The ferrets reckon...
GradingNG Wii.png
Maybe football isn't your sport.
You missed many American footballs.
GradingOK Wii.png
Good try.
GradingHI Wii.png
You've got a great kick.
You can kick American footballs.
You coped when the balls were flying.
Console3DS Icon.png
Words from the Weasels
GradingNG 3DS.png
Kicking isn't your strong suit.
The basketball team ran out of balls...
The football team grunted angrily at you!
GradingOK 3DS.png
Eh. Passable.
GradingHI 3DS.png
It's like you were born to kick!
The basketball team appreciated the rebounds!
The football team grunted happily at you!


ConsoleWii Icon.png
GradingNG Wii.png
GradingOK Wii.png
GradingHI Wii.png
Epilogue Wii Double Date NG.png Epilogue Wii Double Date OK.png Epilogue Wii Double Date HI.png
I'm sorry to have to tell you, but... I had a lovely time. Thank you. I've been wanting to tell you...

Footballers just aren't my type.

I had a lovely time. Thank you.

I want to tell you my feelings...
Console3DS Icon.png
GradingNG 3DS.png
GradingOK 3DS.png
GradingHI 3DS.png
Epilogue 3DS Double Date NG.png Epilogue 3DS Double Date OK.png Epilogue 3DS Double Date HI.png
I'm sorry to have to tell you, but... I had a lovely time. Thank you. I've been wanting to tell you...

Rhythm Item

Football A Lovely Day
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Football.png
Item holder.png
The coach thought his team
lacked discipline. The truth
was that the "accidental" lost
balls were due to jealousy of
the young couple and their
better use of a beautiful day.

Skill Star

The Skill Star appears on the fifth football in the game.

Challenge Land

Double Date appears in the following Challenge Train courses:



Rhythm Heaven Fever Rhythm Heaven Megamix

Rhythm Heaven Fever ~ Double Date (Perfect)-0


Rhythm Heaven Megamix - Double Date (Perfect) (English)


  • This game takes place in the daytime during the practice and Remix 10.
  • The butterflies on the prologue can be seen near the end of the game, passing by the player. Missing a ball while they're on screen causes them to fly away.
  • The footballs are referred to as American footballs in Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise[1] to differentiate them from soccer balls, which are known as footballs in Europe, but oddly this distinction isn't retained in Rhythm Paradise Megamix[2].
  • The Weasel Couple reappears later in Love Rap, sitting on the couch at the end of the game. In Cheer Readers, the boy reappears in the epilogue.
  • In Rhythm Heaven Megamix, the clovers in front of the Weasel Couple are not affected by the sunset effect, making them appear brighter than usual. The dog which can be seen catching one of the Footballs is also unusually stretched after catching it.


Main article: Double Date/Unused

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
JP.svg Japanese Wデート
W Dēto
Double Date
["W" is used in Japan for "double"]
US.svg English Double Date A date that two couples go on together. Also an alliteration.
FR.svg French Double rendez-vous Double date
DU.svg German Date zu viert Date of four
IT.svg Italian Doppia coppia Double couple
ES.svg Spanish Doble cita Double date
KR.svg Korean 더블데이트
Deobeul Deiteu
Double Date


  1. "Eek! Are those American footballs?" ~ Ferret, Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise.
  2. "Yikes! Football!" ~ Weasel, Rhythm Paradise Megamix.
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