ドンパンズ娘 Donpanzu (Donpans)
Artwork from Rhythm Tengoku
Gender 4 Females
Appearances Rhythm Tengoku

The Donpans (ドンパンズ娘 Donpanzu?), also known as the Bon Dance Girls (ボンダンス娘 Bondansu Musume?) in Bon Dance, are a group of four girls that appear alongside the Yagura in The★Bon Odori and Bon Dance in Rhythm Tengoku.



  • The appearance of the player's Donpan varies across Rhythm Tengoku;
    • The offical artwork (along with The★Bon Odori's title card) shows her with red hair & accessories, while her flowers are entirely yellow. Her glasses are also completely black.
    • In-game, she has pink hair & accessories. Her flowers have yellow petals & a blue middle area. Her glasses have a pink rim with blue & white lenses.
    • On the game icons, she has orange hair and no accessories besides a flower or heart or the left side of her head. Said flower has an orange base with yellow petals around it. In addition, her skin is white. She has a white collar on The★Bon Odori's icon while she wears a blue one on Bon Dances's.


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