"Ninjas rock. They can cut
through, like, anything. Also?
This ninja's a dog.
— Dog Ninja Description

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Dog Ninja
犬忍者 Inu Ninja

Dog ninja

Dog Ninja title 3DS

BPM 104
Appearance Rhythm Heaven
Rhythm Heaven Megamix
Game Number 23 (Rhythm Heaven)
29 (Rhythm Heaven Megamix)
Perfect Reward Life of a Dog Ninja (Rhythm Heaven)
1 Flow Ball (Rhythm Heaven Megamix)
Song Used Tears of a Dog Ninja

Dog Ninja (犬忍者 Inu Ninja?) is the 23rd minigame in Rhythm Heaven and the 29th minigame in Rhythm Heaven Megamix. The player plays as a dog that slices things such as vegetables, tires, and frying pans.


Dog Ninja
Dog Ninja gameplay 3DS

The objects come into the screen from either side and are sliced when they reach the middle. When a good slice is done, the object is split in half.


Rhythm Heaven

  • Hold Stylus: Preparing to slice
  • Flick: Slice

Rhythm Heaven Megamix

Button Mode

  • A: Slice

Simple Tap Mode

  • Tap: Slice

Timing Notes

  • Hit: The item is completely sliced in half.
  • Barely: The item will bounce off of the blade, making a slight noise. A barely counts as a miss.
  • Miss: The sword will completely miss the thrown item.

Rating Notes

Rhythm Heaven


  • "Dog Ninja speaks..."

Try Again

  • "Where's your sword technique?"
  • "Control your swings next time."


  • "Hm..."
  • "I don't know..."
  • "Good enough..."
  • "I guess that was all right."


  • "Nice sword action!"
  • "Those sword swings were swift!"
  • "You didn't bat an eye at anything!"

Rhythm Heaven Megamix


  • "Dog Ninja Silently Implies"

Try Again

  • "Where's your sword technique?"
  • "Were you seeing double?"


  • "Eh. Passable."


  • "Nice sword action!"
  • "Way to dual-wield!"


Rhythm Heaven

Rhythm Heaven Megamix

Rhythm Item

Mister Eagle

Mister Eagle
Ninja Poetry
I, a humble ninja beagle, did battle on high a mighty eagle.
I fought for my lord most regal, though it was probably illegal.
I was then befouled by a seagull. I pray there is no sequel.

Skill Star

About halfway though the minigame, there's a frying pan. Slice it at the perfect moment to collect the star.

Challenge Train

  • Soul of Japan



  • The towers in the background look similar to the ones used in Ninja Bodyguard. Both games feature a ninja of some kind that slice incoming objects (in the case of Ninja Bodyguard, it's arrows).
    • Also, the Dog Ninja title card shares the same scenario from the Ninja Bodyguard title card: A big yellow moon with grass in the foreground with a dark blue sky.
  • Mister Eagle reappears in Super Samurai Slice 2.
  • Missing even 2 objects will reward the player with a Just OK.


Rhythm Heaven Rhythm Heaven Megamix
Rhythm Heaven - Dog Ninja (Perfect) (English)-0

Rhythm Heaven - Dog Ninja (Perfect) (English)-0

Rhythm Heaven Megamix - Dog Ninja (Perfect) (English)-0

Rhythm Heaven Megamix - Dog Ninja (Perfect) (English)-0

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
JP Japanese 犬忍者 Inu Ninja
US English (US)
UK English (UK)
FR French Chien ninja
ES Spanish Perro ninja
D German Ninja Bello!
IT Italian Ninja Dog
KR Korean 견공 닌자 Dog Ninja

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