"Pick up some tips from
DJ Yellow, and see if you
can learn his patented
move. Scratch-o, hey!
— DJ School Description

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DJ School
DJスクール DJ Sukūru
DJ school
BPM 109
Appearance Rhythm Heaven
Game Number 17
Perfect Reward DJ School Flier

DJ School (DJスクール DJ Sukūru?) is the 17th minigame in Rhythm Heaven. This game is about a DJ school where DJ Yellow teaches his Students to look like DJs. If the player gets the perfect on DJ School, they will be awarded with the "DJ School Flier" that will be available for the player to read it at the Café.


DJ School gameplay

In this game, the player portrays a Student, under the teaching of DJ Yellow, a jolly fellow with a signature phrase "Scratch-o! Hey!". To play, after DJ Yellow says "Break, come on! Ooh!" or "And stop! Ooh!", the player must Tap and hold on the "Ooh!". Then, when DJ Yellow says "Scratch-o! Hey!", the player must flick on the "Hey!".


  • Tap and hold: Start a break and hold it
  • Flick: Spin turntable

Timing Notes

  • Hit: The DJ routine will continue normally, and DJ Yellow will look at the Student with a very ecstatic look. Also, a white flash in the background will appear.
  • Barely: The background won't flash, DJ Yellow won't smile at the player, and the crowd won't cheer. A disappointed squeak sound is heard when tapping and a disorted chirp sound is heard when flicking. A barely counts as a miss.
  • Miss: DJ Yellow will cast a worried look at the Student with an X replacing each of his eyes, and his tone will be less energetic. The crowd will boo the DJs.

Rating Notes


  • "DJ Yellow says..."

Try Again

  • "I don't know about those breaks..."
  • "Your stops were off."
  • "Scratch-o...huh?"


  • "Hm..."
  • "I don't know..."
  • "Good enough..."
  • "I guess that was all right."


  • "Nice breaks!"
  • "Great timing on the stops."
  • "Super scratch-o!"




  • This is one of the few games in the franchise to include a player input before the music starts. Others include Rap Women, Coin Toss, Clap Trap, Remix 5 (Wii), and Figure Fighter 3.
  • DJ Yellow and his student make a cameo appearance in Cheer Readers during one of the "OK, it's on!" cues.
  • His student makes a cameo appearance in the Try Again epilogue of Catch of the Day as a fishmonger.
  • DJ Yellow has two unused sprites, one where he is seen giving a thumbs up and another looking cross; the thumbs up sprite was probably used when getting a perfect hit in-game, and the cross sprite might have been meant to be used in an epilogue.
Thumbs Up Cross
DJ School Unused Sprite DJCross


Rhythm Heaven - DJ School (Perfect) (English)-0

Rhythm Heaven - DJ School (Perfect) (English)-0

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
JP JapaneseDJスクール DJ School
FR FrenchL'école des D.J.
DU GermanDJ Dojo
ES SpanishEscuela de DJs
IT ItalianScuola per DJ
KR KoreanDJ 스쿨 DJ School

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