Koi machine
The Confession Machine (告白マシーン Hokuhaku Mashin) is a Rhythm Toy in Rhythm Tengoku, that is unlocked after getting 15 Medals.


The machine is shaped like a giant heart with lights on the outsides. In the middle stands Mr. Love, where he gives confessions on a stage surrounded by lights. Below the stage reads a glowing sign that says "LOVE." Similarly to the Cat Machine and Rap Machine, there are buttons on it arranged to the layout of the GameBoy Advance labeled with text.

The background is a dark blue color that makes the red heart contrast well. Pink heart outlines can be seen on the dark blue color.


The player can press Up, Down, Left, Right and B to choose different phrases. After the player used various phrases, the player can press A to either say "like", "hate" or cough and not say anything. Up = どうしてから (Why) Left = 私ね (I) Right = キミが (You) Down = (.)

A = スキ (Love) or キライ (Hate) B = でも (But)


  • The official game website is what revealed the name of Mr. Love (ラブさん).
  • The music played in the background is the game select music, but slower and calmer.
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