"Stop the karate chops that
come out of nowhere!
— Clap Trap Description Fourth Gate Saffron Trial

"Stop the karate chops that
sneak out of nowhere!
— Clap Trap Description Fourth Gate Saltwater Trial

"Stop the karate chops that
come down nonstop!
— Clap Trap Description Fourth Gate Paprika Trial

"Stop as many karate chops
as possible! (No practice)
— Clap Trap Description Fourth Gate Endless Game

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Clap Trap title
Clap Trap

Rhythm Heaven Fever
Rhythm Heaven Megamix

Game Number

1 (Rhythm Heaven Fever)
75 (Rhythm Heaven Megamix)

Clap Trap (しらはドール Shiraha Doru) is the first two-player endless game in Rhythm Heaven Fever, unlocked after receiving 1 Duo Medal and the 75th minigame in Rhythm Heaven Megamix, where it is the the 4th and final endless game and appears as a one player endless game. In this game, the Clap Trap Doll uses its arms to protect itself from karate chops of the giant hand and several objects. Don't let a giant hand karate chop it. This minigame appears in Gate 4 in Rhythm Heaven Megamix.


Clap Trap 3DS gameplay

You're controlling the Clap Trap Doll who needs your help to protect it from a big hand. The beats of this game go when you hear three bells, you will rest for one bell hit (if it were played), and then you must press A to grab the huge hand and defend yourself before it hits you. When you press the button too early or late, it will hit the doll and bump its head. If you get bumped in the head three times, the game will end and give a game over screen. There are various objects in this game coming after the huge hand, and there are three of them so far: A cat paw, a branch with a monkey in it and a green onion.


The player has the option to select which difficulty they want in the Megamix version of the game: Easy (Saffron), normal (Saltwater) or Hard (Paprika). Saffron's Challenge: Stop the hand 10 times, the hand will come normally. Saltwater's Challenge: Stop the hand 15 times, the hand may come normally or may come fast. Paprika's Challenge: Stop the hand 20 times, the hand may come normally, fast or slowed down.


Rhythm Heaven Fever

  • A(P1)+A(P2): Clap

Rhythm Heaven Megamix

Button Mode

  • A: Clap

Simple Tap Mode

  • Tap: Clap

Timing Notes

  • Hit: You will grab the hand that is trying to chop you and grin.
  • Barely: You will barely grab the hand while (making a worried expression in Megamix) saying "Ugh". A barely counts as a hit, but when featured in Final Remix, it counts as a miss.
  • Miss: The hand will karate chop you, bumping your head. The game will end after your head gets bumped three times.

Rhythm Items

Green Onion

Green Onion Two for $1.98!
Green Onion
Item holder
"I will practice my swordplay
with this, my trusty blade!
What's that, Ma? No, I haven't
seen the green onions!"

Tree Branch

Tree Branch Disagreeing with Elephants
Tree Branch
Item holder
I understand that African
elephants find branches
tastier than leaves.
Personally, I like


  • This is one of the few games in the franchise to include a player input before the music starts. Others include Rap Women, Coin Toss, DJ School, Remix 5 (Wii), and Figure Fighter 3.
  • The high score counter only goes up to 99 in Megamix version.
  • This is the only Endless Game that was changed from a two player Endless Game from Rhythm Heaven Fever to a single player Endless Game in Rhythm Heaven Megamix.
  • In Megamix, there is an expression added where a Clap Trap Doll barely grabs a hand. However in Fever, It doesn't make that expression at all.
  • The minimum score required to receive the Tree Branch is 40.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
JP Japaneseしらはドール Clapping Doll
FR FrenchDéfense synchro
DU GermanHandkanten-Konter
ES SpanishGolpe al cantoHit to the song
IT ItalianAcchiappamano
KR Korean박수인형 Applause Doll

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