"A mashup of previous games!
Enriched with Vitamin C! (No practice)
— Citrus Remix Description

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Rhythm Heaven Megamix

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1 Flow Ball

Citrus Remix (Japanese: オレンジリミックス Orange Remix, also known as Remix 4) is the fourth remix that appears in Rhythm Heaven Megamix. It has a citric theme, basing the minigames off of oranges and other related fruit.

List of Games

Micro-Row 2 The Clappy Trio 2 Shoot-'em-up 2 First Contact
Micro-Row 2 Citrus The Clappy Trio 2 Citrus Shoot-'em-up 2 Citrus Second Contact Citrus


Good Dialogues

In the First Contact segments, these dialogues are randomly selected from each group.

1st group:

  • broiled top sirloin
  • chicken curry
  • ginger fried pork
  • instant noodles
  • Meat lasagna

2nd group:

  • California roll
  • chicken noodle soup
  • coconut fried shrimp
  • salmon risotto
  • tuna casserole

3rd group:

  • baked tofu
  • brown mustard
  • char-broiled steak
  • pork dumplings
  • rubber boots
Bad Dialogues

-I'm hungry.

-Can we eat yet?

-I'll be back next week!

Rating Notes


  • "Rhythm League Notes"

Try Again

  • "Try harder next time."
  • "Work on your fundamentals."
  • "You had trouble keeping the beat."
  • "Your aim was a little shaky."
  • "Next time, follow the example better."


  • "Eh. Passable."


  • "You show strong fundamentals."
  • "You had great aim."
  • "You kept the beat well."
  • "You followed the examples well."


Rhythm Item


Citrus Land's Specialty!
One of Citrus Land's finest oranges, these fruits are so packed with Vitamin C that people will get healthier when one of these is just brought into the room.

Skill Star

When there are three invaders during the first Shoot-'em-up 2 segment, shoot all three of them perfectly to collect the star.


  • Note that the "2" signifies the original version of the minigame. Micro-Row 2 is exactly the same as Micro-Row from Rhythm Heaven Fever. The version just referred to as "Micro-Row" in Rhythm Heaven Megamix is the story variant.
  • In the files, the audio is labeled as remix_01_pati. This suggests that the Citrus Remix was supposed to be the first remix of the game.

In Other Languages

Language Name
Flag of Japan Japanese オレンジリミックス Orange Remix
FR French Remix orange
ES Spanish Remix Cítrico
D German Zitrus-Remix
IT Italian Remix agrumi
Flag of South Korea Korean 오렌지 리믹스 Orange Remix