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"I hope that when you see them, you'll think about how far they've come, and you'll cheer on these brave, talented singers for me!"
— Conductor - Rhythm Heaven

The Chorus Kids (コーラスメン?, Chorus Men) are three children in a choir together who are led by the Conductor (リーダー?, Leader). They appear in the Rhythm Game Glee Club.

The Conductor is a lion who wears all white clothes, except for his red tie, and he sports a white afro and a conductor's baton, similar to a Clappy Trio member.


One day, while the Clappy Trio was performing on a street corner, one of the members saw another group nearby, a chorus that just couldn't get their act together, because the third member was so nervous that he couldn't stop singing out of turn. The clappy member decided to leave the Clappy Trio with consent from his colleagues[1] and take the chorus under his wing as their conductor, but he claims to be just there to help them along as "They're the stars, and I try to stay out of their way."[2]

The Chorus Kids have been observed to perform in a variety of locations, such a featureless white plain, the beach, a spaceship, at Rock 'n' Roll Hall during the Battle of the Bands, and a factory. One Chorus Kid appears in Munchy Monk in Rhythm Heaven Fever, where the titular monk is seen training by feeding him on a moving train. Their conductor is described as a Racing Fan, although the The Clappy Trio are the ones seen forming a crowd in Freeze Frame.

The Chorus Kids appear in Rhythm Tengoku Gold Comic 02 リーダーの想いの巻き (Leader's Notes by Maki), which shows the third Chorus Kid struggling to sing correctly, while the conductor tells him not to worry about his failures, as he has experienced the same thing before, and advises him to keep calm and listen for the other two. They try singing again. This time, the third sings correctly, and the Chorus Kids celebrate. In 09 にぎやかでおだやかな夜の巻き (A lively and peaceful night by Maki), the Chorus Kids are seen singing Christmas carols on TV.

Rhythm Tengoku The Best Plus Comic 01 同窓会 (Reunion), has them join the reunion at the Café, and 29発声練習 (Vocalization Practice), has a Chorus Kid who is trying to sing, but he ends up singing too loud, turning the attention of the nearby Beary, Bearbara and a Lumbercat.



In Super Smash Bros.

The Chorus Kids appear in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS as a trophy in the "Other" category, and as a spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Their spirit battle takes place on the Wii Fit Studio stage playing the Monkey Watch track, where they are represented by three differently-sized Jigglypuff wearing Leaf's hat. The battle has the following conditions:

  • The enemy favors up specials
  • The enemy is giant
  • The enemy has increased attack power
The Chorus Kids
There are few games with as many charming characters as the Rhythm Heaven series. Take those groovy Love Lizards, for example. Birds could learn a thing or two from them. And what about the Chorus Kids? They look adorable with their little bow ties, but things get odd when they open their mouths...
When it comes to the weird and wonderful, the Rhythm Paradise series has got all other games beat. Take those groovy Love Lizards, for example. Birds could learn a thing or two from them. And what about the Chorus Kids? They look adorable with their little bow ties, but things get a bit freakish when they open their mouths...

No. 1196
Chorus Kids Spirit.png
The Chorus Kids
★★★ ACE 3 Jump ↓ World of Light (The Light Realm)
Spirit Board
Shop (6000G)


  • The Chorus Kids' features look very similar to Marshal.
  • The Chorus Kids make cameos in Game & Wario during the intro and credits sequences, both times alongside Sal Out.
  • While the Conductor is a former member of the Clappy Trio, he seems to be missing the tail that members of the trio are shown to have. This is further exemplified in Glee Club 2 in Rhythm Heaven, where he appears in a swimsuit, and still lacks a visible tail.
  • The Conductor uses his baton to scratch his back and to eat with. The Chorus Kids seem to be disgusted by this, but say they would do the same if they had a baton[3].
  • The information given in the Rhythm Items is generally consistent across languages, but some alter certain details. For example, the Japanese and Korean versions say the Conductor uses his baton to eat snacks he dropped on the floor[4], while the French version says he also uses the baton as a toothpick and that he likes to eat sushi[5]. This detail goes along with the added detail that the Clappy Trio likes to eat spaghetti bolognese[6].
  • During the Glee Club Song in the Guitar Lessons, J.J. Rocker at one point wonders why the Glee Club conductor never moves. While he does stand completely still in Rhythm Heaven, a new cue was added in Rhythm Heaven Megamix, which has the conductor waves his baton to signal to the Chorus Kids when to stop in unison.
  • There was a widely spread leak that claimed that the Chorus Kids would become playable characters in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U. Even though the leak predicted 9 out of 11 characters correctly, the Chorus Kids didn't join the playable roster, meaning that either that part of the leak was false, or the Chorus Kids were scrapped during development.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
JP.svg Japanese コーラスメン
Kōrasu Men
Chorus Men
US.svg English Chorus Kids
FR.svg French Les petits chanteurs The little singers
DU.svg German Chorknaben Choirboys
IT.svg Italian Trio Brio
ES.svg Spanish Los chicos del coro
Chicos del coro
The chorus boys
Chorus boys[7]
NL.svg Dutch Chorus Kids[8]
De koorknapen[9]

The choir boys
PT.svg Portuguese Meninos do Coro[8] Choir Boys
RU.svg Russian Хористы[9]
CH.svg Chinese The Chorus Kids[9]
KR.svg Korean 코러스맨 3인방
Koleoseu Maen 3inbang
Koleoseu Maen
Chorus Men Trio
Chorus Men
Language Name Meaning
JP.svg Japanese リーダー
US.svg English Conductor
FR.svg French Chef Chief
DU.svg German Der Chorleiter The choirmaster
IT.svg Italian Il direttore The director
ES.svg Spanish Director
KR.svg Korean 리더


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