"Another group who needs
more support is museum
patrons! Let's give 'em
a cheer! (No practice.)
— Cheer Readers 2 Description (Rhythm Heaven Fever)

"We're the cheer readers!
We love to support people
interested in old books!
Who can we help today?

(And no practice for you)
— Cheer Readers 2 Description (Beat the Beat Rhythm Paradise)

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Cheer Readers 2
古書ガールズ Kosho Gāruzu
Cheer readers2
BPM 124
Appearance Rhythm Heaven Fever
Game Number 42
Perfect Reward Pep Squad Rules

Cheer Readers 2 (古書ガールズ Kosho Gāruzu, Books Girls 2) is the 42nd minigame in Rhythm Heaven Fever. It is the sequel to Cheer Readers. Instead of a school library, the group decides to cheer in a museum.

Appearance/Gameplay Differences

Cheer Readers 2 gameplay

The game seems to take place to the museum with the Cheer Readers wearing explorer uniforms, yet still carrying books from the first game.

The game is mechanically the same as the first Cheer Readers, but it's more complex and fast. The girls will add various cheers at "One, two, three!" faster. They will even add "Rah-rah sis boom bah-BOOM!" three times at the same time after finishing "It's up to you!" or "OK, it's on!" two times.


  • A: Flip book
  • Hold A + B: Spin book
  • Release A + B: Open book

Timing Notes

  • Hit: The Cheer Readers' routine will continue!
  • Barely: The player's Cheer Reader's book is slightly tilted. On the "Ok, it's on" the book will either show a different page than the rest of the group or be off-position. The player's Cheer Reader will also blush from embarrassment. A barely counts as a hit when going for a Superb, but it counts as a miss when going for a Perfect.
  • Miss: The player's Cheer Reader's book is only halfway flipped. When flipping the book open, the image on the Player's Cheer Reader's book won't match the other Cheer Readers' books and fails to complete the image. The other Cheer Readers will cast worried looks at the player's Cheer Reader.

Rating Notes

Rhythm Heaven Fever


  • "Cheers and Jeers"

Try Again

  • "You were kinda out of sync..."
  • "You fell to pieces near the end."


  • "Eh. Good enough."


  • "Great cheering!"
  • "You kept in sync where it counted."

Beat the Beat Rhythm Paradise


  • "The girls say..."

Try Again

  • "You were a bit out of sync."
  • "You fell to pieces near the end."


  • "Good try."


  • "That was a good routine."
  • "You kept in sync where it counted."


Rhythm Heaven Fever

Beat the Beat Rhythm Paradise



In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
JP Japanese古書ガールズ Old Books Girls
FR FrenchBiblio-girls 2
DU GermanFangirls 2
ES SpanishBiblioanimadoras 2
IT ItalianCheer Readers 2
KR Korean고서걸즈 Antique Book Girls

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