Saffron Trial
Charge up Mr. Chicken's electric car
just enough to get to the goal
without falling!

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Saltwater Trial
Charge up Mr. Chicken's electric car
EXACTLY enough to get to the goal
or you'll fall!

Console3DS Icon Rhythm Heaven Megamix
Paprika Trial
Charge up Mr. Chicken's electric car
EXACTLY enough to get to the goal
or you'll fall. (Heh heh...)

Console3DS Icon Rhythm Heaven Megamix
Charging Chicken
Charge up Mr. Chicken's electric
car to get as far as possible without

Console3DS Icon Rhythm Heaven Megamix
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Chicken Race
チキンレース Chikin Reesu
Chicken Race
BPM Varies (Default: 125)
Appearance Rhythm Heaven Megamix
Game Number 27
Perfect Reward Golden Driver's License--get 25 or 30 points to get it

Charging Chicken (チキンレース Chicken Race) is the 27th minigame that has been introduced in Rhythm Heaven Megamix. The player controls as Mr. Chicken who is in the car. All you have to do is to charge his car until it's fueled up to 4-16 beats while releasing A button to fire his car in time and reach to another land, but be sure to fuel it in time, the road platforms will fall apart after reaching another one, and when you'll out of fuel, you will fall into the sea and lose a life or get a game over screen.This minigame appears in Gate 3, and can be unlocked as an Endless Game after beating all three levels of it.


Chicken Race gameplay
The player plays as a chicken racer that must press and hold A button to charge his electric car and then release it in time when his car is fueled up to 4-16 beats. After that, he will go and reach to another land while the platforms will fall apart when you touch any of them, giving a game over. If you fuel his car too much while doing nothing, the car will explode and make him a roast chicken, you will have to redo the cue all over again without losing a life. Each counting beat have a different speed timing, the last counting numbers will have a muted music and the counting numbers won't show up during some levels. The scenery will change the background sometimes to day and night, space or even another dimension if you reach far enough.


  • Ⓐ/Tap (Hold): Charge his car
  • Ⓐ/Tap (Release): Charge!

Timing Display

  • Perfect!/Ace!: The chicken's car is fueled just enough to stop on the next plot of land.
  • Early!/Late!: The chicken's car is fueled either too little, causing the car to fall just short of the plot of land, or too much and overshoot it. Either way, one life is deducted from the counter.
  • Miss...: If fueled way too little, the pump pulls out, and the cars stays in place. If fueled way too much, the car explodes, leaving the chicken roasted. Either way, the player is prompted to try again without deducting a life.


The player has the option to select which difficulty they want easy, normal or hard.

Saffron's Challenge: The player has 4 lives, you fuel between 4-16 and the last one won't show the number.

Saltwater's Challenge: The player has 3 lives, you fuel between 8-12 and the last two won't show the number.

Paprika's Challenge: The player has 2 Lives, you fuel between 8-16, the Music and number may mute and the last three won't show the number.

Arrive in every 2 points

USA Version

2: Seattle

4: Mexico

6: Brazil

8: France

10: England

12: Italy

14: Egypt

16: Turkey

18: Dubai

20: India

22: Thailand

24: China

26: Japan

28: Australia

30: The Moon

32: Mars

34: Jupiter

36: Uranus

38: Edge of the Galaxy

40: Future

UK/Aus Version


Rhythm Items

Driver's License Just LOOK at It!
Driver's License
Item holder
I've been driving for almost three years now. I get pulled over all the time, and I keep expecting a police officer to comment on my license picture--I look so good!
Golden Driver's License Seriously, Look at It
Golden Driver's License
Item holder
When my safe driving record got me the gold driver's license, I asked if I could keep my same picture. It's such a cute picture of me!


In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
JP JapaneseチキンレースChicken Race
US EnglishCharging Chicken
UK UK EnglishCharging Chicken
FR FrenchPoulet en roue libre
DU GermanHeizende Hühnchen!
ES SpanishPollo eléctrico
IT ItalianPollo a reazione
KR Korean치킨 레이스Chicken Race

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