"Apparently there are also fruit-
spewing stairs on this tropical
island. I'm not complaining! (No practice)
— Catchy Tune 2 Description

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Catchy Tune 2
かえってきた 階段キャッチ Kaettekita Kaidan Kyattchi
Return of jumping road
BPM 129
Appearance Rhythm Heaven Megamix
Game Number 36
Perfect Reward 1 Flow Ball

Catchy Tune 2 (かえってきた 階段キャッチ Kaettekita Kaidan kyattchi "return of stair catch" ) is the 36th minigame and sequel to Catchy Tune that appears in Rhythm Heaven Megamix. In this sequel, Araline and Praline are once again catching oranges and pineapples, but this time, it's at the seaside.


Jumping Road

The gameplay remains the same as for its prequel, but the background is now a tropical theme. More oranges and pineapples will bounce from the top of the stairs, as well. Press A to make Araline catch any fruit from that side, and press the D-Pad for Praline.


Button Mode

  • A: Araline; catch
  • D-Pad: Praline; catch

Simple Tap Mode

  • Tap: Either Araline, Praline, or both; catch

Timing Notes

  • Hit: The player catches the fruit.
  • Barely: The player's hands will cross over, and the fruit will fall behind the player's head. A barely counts as a miss.
  • Miss: The fruit falls on the player's head, causing the character to flinch.

Rating Notes


  • "Tourist Comments"

Try Again

  • "The oranges need some love."
  • "Fear not the pineapple."


  • "Eh. Passable."


  • "Orange you a great catch!"
  • "Pineapples got nothing on you!"


Rhythm Item

Plastic Bag

Plastic Bag
Bring Your Own Bag
Turns out that the plastic bags from the fruit market are even flimsier than the paper ones. My pineapples rolled down the steps, and some kids made off with 'em!

Skill Star

Near the end with two oranges falling at different beats, catch the orange at the right moment as Araline to collect the star.

Challenge Train

  • Back and So Forth (Super Hard!)
  • Wario.. Where? 2: The Sequel



  • Like in the prequel, there are unused spritesheets of an apple, a peach, a monkey, a cat, a puppy, a kitten, and a coconut found in the sprite sheets.
  • This game appears in the "Wario...Where? 2: The Sequel" Challenge Train. In this version, you play as Kat & Ana in place of Praline & Araline. Mona's scooter can be seen in the background.
  • Like with Fruit Basket 2 & LumBEARjack 2, this might be the "real" version of the game; It is shown with the original versions of Karate Man (GBA), Fillbots, & Air Rally, & is featured in Right-Hand Remix and Wario… Where? with the graphics.
  • According to the debug menu, there was going to be a third game/threequel, but it was scrapped for unknown reasons.


Rhythm Heaven Megamix - Catchy Tune 2 (Perfect) (English)

Rhythm Heaven Megamix - Catchy Tune 2 (Perfect) (English)

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
JP Japanese かえってきた 階段キャッチ Return of Stairway Catch
US English (US)
UK English (UK)
FR French Escalier super-fruité
ES Spanish Escalera frutal 2 Fruity staircase 2
D German Fallobst 2
IT Italian Caduta Frutti 2
KR Korean 돌아온 배드민턴 Return of Stair Catch

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