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The Cat Machine (ネコマシーン neko mashin) is a Rhythm toy in Rhythm Tengoku. It is the first to be obtainabled, unlocked by getting only one medal.


This Cat Machine is a cat with buttons on its face. It has speakers for ears, closed eyes, and a standard cat mouth. The background is yellow, with darker yellow text that says "Neko Mashi-n." 

The buttons resemble the button configuration of the Gameboy Advance. The buttons that represent the D-Pad are labeled with Japanese text that translates to "Breaks" below them, and the A and B buttons are labeled with text that translates to "Phrases."


Phrases (A and B) 

All phrases are played at a random pitch each time you play them.

A: Begins playing a beat with a high-pitched meow.

B:  Begins playing a beat with a lower pitched meow.

Breaks (D-Pad)

Similarly to the phrases, all breaks at played at varying pitches. All breaks stop the currently playing phrase with a different noise.

Left: Plays a "Hoo-Huh" noise with a meow in the background.

Right: Plays an "Ooo-Aaa" noise with a very quiet meow in the background.

Up: Plays an "Aaa" sound effect.

Down: Plays a similar "Aaa" sound effect, but it's lower pitched.


Start: Plays a demo where it automatically presses buttons to a rhythm.

Select: Leaves the Cat Machine.



  • There is developer text outside of the screen saying " we'll use ears for speakers" and "well use OBJ (a kind of sprite)"
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