"Attention, company!"
— Captain Tuck

Captain Tuck
隊長 Taichō (Captain)
Tuck man
Artwork from Rhythm Heaven Fever
Gender Male
Appearances Rhythm Heaven Fever,
Rhythm Heaven Megamix

Captain Tuck is the leader of the Flippers in the minigame Flipper-Flop in Rhythm Heaven Fever.

Physical Appearance

Captain Tuck wears a light brown parka with red gloves and boots. His sleeves, waist, ankles, and hood are surrounded with white fur to keep him warm. His eyes are always closed. He has a big nose and a mustache.


Expedition Journal, acquired after getting a perfect on Flipper-Flop, gives a lot of information on the adventures of the Flippers and Captain Tuck.

It is revealed that the Flippers put all of their trust in Captain Tuck. They believe in his abilities to lead them. His various quotes from the game encourage them to do their best in the frigid, icy tundra.

Rhythm Heaven Megamix's rhythm item for Flipper-Flop is Hot Borscht. The description of it is stated from the Flippers' point of view. They say that Captain Tuck makes the best borscht, putting in chunks of meat, cubed veggies, and 'diced love.' It helps to keep the Flippers warm during expeditions.

Also in Megamix is Flipper-Flop 2's rhythm item; Blubber Latte. The captain makes the coffee in a mug with a Flipper's face on it. It makes it clear he cares a lot for his seals, as the description says, "He never puts sugar in it, saying that our picture on the mug is all the sweetness he needs."


Captain Tuck motivates the seals, and commands them to do their signature flipper-rolls. He keeps count, and tells them when to start flipping at the beginning of the game. His various motivational quotes throughout the Flipper-Flop games include:




"Huh, huh!"

"Well Done!"

"Good job!"



In Other Languages

Language Name
FR French Le capitaine
ES Spanish El capitán


  • Captain Tuck's appearance in the Barbershop Remix is the only time he is seen not wearing a hood.
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