カモック Kammok (Camock)
Cam Wii
Artwork from Rhythm Heaven Fever
Gender Male
Appearances Rhythm Heaven Fever

Cam is one of the first three characters encountered in Rhythm Heaven Fever. To be exact, he's the second character ever met in the game (The Rhythm Girl being the first, as seen the title.), with Marshal and Miss Ribbon appearing after him, respectively. He is silent in the game and is not known to be able to speak. The only noise Cam ever makes is a glad "Hmm!" when you press A + B in the Rhythm Test. Oddly enough, Cam never speaks with a speech bubble.

Rhythm Heaven Fever

Cam never speaks in the game, but rather makes emotions during the Rhythm Test signaling the player either missed the beat completely, near perfect, or perfect. He also appears as a non-playable character in Night Walk, the credits for Rhythm Heaven Fever, appearing to have trouble following Marshal and Miss Ribbon.


  • His name in the Japanese version of the game is actually a pun on the word "kamoku" (寡黙) meaning someone who is reserved or silent.



In Other Languages

Language Name
FR French Tacite
ES Spanish Gafotas
D German Blaukopf
IT Italian Kamok
Flag of South Korea Korean 과묵군 Silence-Kun