The Café in Rhythm Heaven.

In Rhythm Heaven, The Café is where the Barista works, and is available to be spoken to. It can be a place on where to get help, hints, practice on how to play the game, or to view the gifts that have been earned through perfecting the main Rhythm Games. Many people use the Café just to skip remixes or games if received the "Try Again" rank three times.

In Rhythm Tengoku, The Café has one feature, and that's speaking with the Barista, he will still allow you to skip games if you get three "Try Again"s.

In Rhythm Heaven Megamix, the cafe has more features. In the middle is the Barista who you can still talk to for advice, on the right is a shop to buy rhythm games, music, or objects from each game with a note attached. There is also an Art Gallery where you can quickly access each game, look at the info on each object, and listen to music. There is also an option to see achievements you've earned and mascots you have unlocked if you talk to the character outside of the museum. To the left of the barista is a small field of beets to feed a goat to unlock mascots, and a VS version of Figure Fighter against in-game characters and people who you street pass with

In Other Languages

Language Name
JP Japanese キッサ店
FR French Café
ES Spanish
D German
IT Italian Bar
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