Business Card (名刺 meishi) is an unlockable rhythm toy in Rhythm Heaven. This toy only requires one medal to play.


As well as being a simple rhythm toy to play, it also has a simple design. The toy has a man (presumably Stomp Farmer) with glasses and brown hair spinning around a little card. The man has a blue tie and a white striped shirt. Text above the man tells you to spin the card as if you're drawing a circle. The business card itself reads as follows:

Vegetable Dept., Freshly Picked Division
Clodhopper Pickens
Stomp and Chomp Agriculture Co.
Phone: (555) EAT-BEET

The card also shows a small picture of the man.


The toy is a business card in a small box being held by a business employee. He moves the card around the box with his index finger, or rather the player sliding it with the stylus. Moving it in a circular motion for a period of time will cause a bass and drum in the background to play.


  • Hold Stylus = Press on Card
  • Slide = Move Card


  • On the business card is the phone number to the company the character is employed to that reads "(555) EAT-BEET". Entering this number and dialing it in the next rhythm toy Phone will have Stomp Farmer from Crop Stomp pick up the line.

In Other Languages

Language Name
Flag of Japan Japanese 名刺 Business Card
FR French Carte de visite
ES Spanish Tarjeta de Visita
D German Visitenkarte
IT Italian
Flag of South Korea Korean 명함 Business Card