His Crush
先輩 Senpai (Senior)
Double Date girl
Artwork from Rhythm Heaven Fever
Gender Female
Appearances Rhythm Heaven Fever,
Rhythm Heaven Megamix

Boy's Crush (Senpai in Japanese and Julia in Europe) is a girl that appears in the minigame Double Date in Rhythm Heaven Fever.

Physical Appearance

The Boy's Crush is a cute, young girl who wears a black dress and a plaid red bowtie. She has black hair, black eyes, black socks, and black shoes. She wears a white undershirt to compliment her dark clothing.


In My Feelings, the perfect reward from Double Date, it's revealed that the girl works at a local music shop and she has a popular band in Japan. She tells the boy, who is stopping by to learn how to play the guitar, that's it's simple and gives him a sample guitar to borrow.

After saving up his allowance for 6 months, the boy was able to buy a guitar of his own from the same store. The boy made a band and wrote a song for her, although he's too nervous to sing it.

One day, the two decided to sit on a bench together. Here, the boy planned to give his crush a ticket to see a live performance of his, where he planned to sing the song he wrote for her. Before he could give her the ticket, however, the boy notices a Weasel Couple staring at him, and a soccer ball suddenly comes out of nowhere. This leads up to the events of Double Date.



In Other Languages

Language Name
US English (US) His Crush
UK English (UK) Julia
ES Spanish Ramona


  • The crush is referred to as senpai in Japanese, indicating that she is an upperclassman of the boy.
  • The crush's European name is Julia, and the boy's name is Romeo. This is a reference to William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.
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