Bossa and Nova
ボッサとノヴァ Bossa to Nova

(Bossa and Nova)

Bossa and Nova in 3DS
Artwork from Rhythm Heaven Megamix
Gender Bossa male;
Nova female
Appearances Rhythm Heaven Fever,
Rhythm Heaven Megamix

Bossa and Nova are two primitive people that appear in Bossa Nova in Rhythm Heaven Fever and Rhythm Heaven Megamix.

Physical Appearances

Bossa, the male, has a green stem on top of his head. He wears brown pants and has pink cheeks and a big nose.

Nova, the female, has an orange dress and a pink flower on top of her head. She is depicted to be happy, with an open mouth and pink cheeks too.


Bossa Nova doesn't have a letter as a perfect reward, but it does have an endless game with a built-in story.  The full story can be read on the article for Bossa Nova, but it can be summarized as follows:

Bossa and Nova are a charming couple that lives in a cave. Bossa works in the field outside, and all the animals love him. Nova is a well known local artist. 

Bossa has to take the day off to help Nova move the largest painting she's ever made to the cave of an art collector. Once they hang it on the wall, the art collector states that it brings the cave to life, but it clashes with the other paintings. The art collector asks if they can commission more of their work to replace the paintings.

A different story was told in the European version.

Bossa and Nova begin considering having Bossa work as a full-time agent for Nova. Rhythm Heaven Megamix's rhythm item for Bossa Nova reveals that they eventually moved into their dream home from their cave. Although it's warmer and it has a volleyball field, the neighbor apparently has a few loud mastodons.


Bossa and Nova train the player to switch quickly to different rhythms.



In Other Languages

Language Name
FR French Bossa et Nova