"これが いまどきの
"(Bon-odori! We're in high spirits! Yay!)
— Bon Dance Description

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Cosmic Dance
Bon Dance
ボンダンス Bon Dance
The Bon Dance
BPM 121
Appearance Rhythm Tengoku
Game Number 32
Perfect Reward Bon Dance song

Bon Dance (ボンダンス Bondance?) is the 32nd rhythm game in Rhythm Tengoku. It is the sequel to The★Bon Odori. It has a more funky beat to it, and more complex clapping patterns.


Bon Dance

The gameplay is identical to the original. The only differences arise in the visuals, music, and cues. The Donpans, known here as the Bon Dance Girls, have funky kimonos and Yagura is now wearing a pink dress and blue heart-like hairpins.


  • A: Clap

Timing Notes

  • Hit: The girl in the red kimono claps on the beat together and the three other girls smile.
  • Barely: The girl will clap, but a "tick" sound will be heard instead of a clap. Yagura at the top will look worried. A barely counts as a miss, but the other 3 girls won't glare at you.
  • Miss: The girl in the red kimono claps off beat while the other 3 glare at her.

Rating Notes


  • "まわりの評判" (The surroundings' rating)

Try Again

  • "前半が いまひとつだったなぁ。" (The first half was not quite...)
  • "後半、もりさがっちゃってたなぁ。" (The second half was falling behind.)


  • "う~ん..." (Yeah...)
  • "まぁまぁ、 かな。" (OK, I guess?)
  • "とりあえず..." (Anyway...)
  • "よしと します。" (You did your best.)


  • "前半、ばっちりだね!" (The first half was right on!)
  • "後半で もりあがったね~!" (The second half was fantastic!)
  • "クライマックスが きまってた!!" (You hit the climax!!)
  • "さいごに ちゃんと シメてたね!" (You properly finished off the ending, huh!)

Rating Screens


  • The title might be an obscure Japanese pun based upon synonyms; Bon Odori (ぼんおどり) can also be translated directly to Bon Dance, despite having completely different kanji (ボンダンス).



Rhythm Tengoku Perfect 21 The Bon Dance-0

Rhythm Tengoku Perfect 21 The Bon Dance-0

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