クイック Kuikku (Quick)
Artwork from Rhythm Heaven Fever
Gender Male
Appearances Rhythm Heaven Fever,
Rhythm Heaven Megamix

Baxter (Quick in the PAL version) is a dog from the game Air Rally. He also seems to like playing Badminton in the sky with Forthington. Unlike Forthington however, he prefers healthier food such as vegetables. Not much else is known about Baxter, due to only making one major appearance.

Rhythm Heaven Fever

In Rhythm Heaven Fever, Baxter's primary appearance is in Air Rally where he is lead by Forthington while playing badminton mid-air. He is also seen wearing a chef hat and swats the birdie with a spatula in Remix 3. He also makes appearances in Remix 8 along with Forthington.




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In Other Languages

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FR French Rapido