"(Want to test your merit? Your skill so far speaks for itself, you know!)
— 7th Remix Description (Rhythm Tengoku)

"(A collection of many previous games in one special Remix! Can you clear it?
— 7th Remix Description (Rhythm Tengoku Arcade)

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Remix 7 GBA
Remix 7

119, 132, 130


Rhythm Tengoku

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7th Remix (7th リミックス 7th Remix?) is the 42nd game in Rhythm Tengoku. This remix contains mixes of parts from Remix 1, Remix 2 and Remix 4.

List of games

Marching Orders Karate Man Space Dance Toran to Porin Rhythm Tweezers
Marching Orders Arcade Karate Man Arcade Space Dance Arcade Tram & Pauline Arcade Rhythm Tweezers Arcade
Iai Giri Power Calligraphy The Clappy Trio Marching Orders Tap Trial
Samurai Slice Arcade Power Calligraphy The Clappy Trio Arcade Marching Orders Arcade Remix 7 Tap Trial Arcade Remix 8
Sneaky Spirits Night Walk 2 Cosmic Dance Showtime The Clappy Trio
Sneaky Spirits Arcade Night Walk 2 Arcade Cosmic Dance Arcade Showtime Arcade The Clappy Trio Arcade Remix 1
Spaceball Tap Trial Sick Beats Bunny Hop
Spaceball Arcade Tap Trial Arcade Remix 7 Sick Beats Arcade Bunny Hop Arcade

Rating Notes


  • "なぞのリズム組織から通達" (From the Mysterious Rhythm League)

Try Again

  • "まだまだです。" (Still a ways to go.)


  • "う~ん..." (Yeah...)
  • "まぁまぁ、 かな。" (OK, I guess?)
  • "とりあえず..." (Anyway...)
  • "よしと します。" (You did your best.)


  • "かなり、 サイコーでーす!" (Really great!)



Tap Trial (Remix 7 & 8 Unused)
Tap Trial (Remix 7 Unused)
  • The bunnies that appear in the second Marching Orders variant in the remix are actually the Alien Bunnies from the WarioWare series, another series worked on by the developers of the Rhythm Heaven series. This isn't the last time they've appeared in the series, either; they were also used in Marching Orders in Remix 8 of Rhythm Tengoku and other games.
  • If you add up the numbers that were used to be remixed, you get the number 7, the exact same number as this remix.
  • The rating screens for this game influenced the rating screens for Remix 5 in Rhythm Heaven Fever.

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